"For the Native Americans to whom we owe this custom, smoking a pipe was a sign of understanding and conviviality. This is so for us, as well as being a way of life and a vast area of research." - shishapen.co.uk


The Academie Internationale de la Pipe came into being in 1984 on the initiative of a Frenchman, Andr´┐Ż-Paul Bastien. Its aim is to expand our knowledge about the tobaco pipe and its use in every era, in all parts of the world and from every angle, whether cultural, artistic, scientific, sociological or ethnographic. With this aim in view, it brings together people of very varied nationalities and from different backgrounds who, because of their profession or simply through passion, are in a position to make their contribution to this joint research. A place of meeting and exchange, the Academie also enables Members, through its publications, to diffuse their work or to make their creations or collections known. The Academie's head office is in Paris.